• Is delivery free?

As an introductory order and for this period, we deliver with minimum purchase of $20 SGD island wide!

  • When do you deliver?

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (as long as your order is a day in advance). We will deliver next delivery day (ie if you order on Tuesday, we deliver thursday. If you order Friday, we deliver saturday.) Cut off time being 3pm the day before. We will send you a notification when your order has been packed and you can then expect it the next day! Do bear with ya if we take a day more for deliveries. As if our Drivers are overloaded for example Tuesday, they will delivery Wednesday! Thanks!

  • Is delivery contactless? 

Yes. Hence why we need your contact number. Our awesome delivery guys will call you before your goodies are delivered for contactless delivery during this time.

  • How do you maintain freshness?

We ensure that we freeze the baked goods once baked so we can ensure maximum freshness that will last!

  • Why do you freeze freshly baked bread?

To save the hassle of going to buy baked goods every week, yet not compromising on quality and enabling customers to choose when they want to eat the goods!

  • Is it a waste that it's handmade to just freeze it?

We see it as giving our customers the versatility and quality!

  • Will I have to thaw or choose to eat all at one go?

To cater to our customers, we individually wrap our breads to ensure you can have what you want, when you want it! 

  • Why can't I buy loose pieces for some of the products?

Due to our inventory, packaging and delivery systems, we are only able to sell in numbers/packs stated accordingly for the individual items. However, as we pack them individually, customers can choose to also freeze the others to eat another time.

  • What ingredients do you use? 

We use premium ingredients and provide the ingredients list on the products and we do not use any preservatives.

  • How do you prepare the items when ready to eat?

Please click on our "how it works" tab 

  • Can businesses purchase So Fresh baked goods?

Do contact us for further discussion

  • Remind me how to show payment reference 

PAYNOW: Our UEN is 201227040M

 Kindly show us via whatsapp at 87976278 a screenshot or transaction reference with reference details being your ORDER number.