Tea Time Delights

Tea Time Delights

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Have a variety of different pastries, bread and pans for tea time. Any of these will go with your Earl Grey Tea or Teh 'O' Kosong. What is in this bundle?

  • Kouign Aman x 2 >> Customers' fave
  • Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese x 1 >> Adeline's Fave (Lady who has been emailing you or will be)
  • Duo Chocolate Croissant x 2 >> Buttery and soft with a bang of choco
  • Assorted Pans >> Soft japanese bread! Both savoury and sweet

12 pieces in total with one ultra large bread (one with cream cheese).

7 Assorted Pans include

  • 1 X Taro Pan
  • 1 X An Pan (Red bean) 
  • 1 X Chocolate Custard Pan
  • 1 X Melon Pan
  • 1 X Milk Butter Biscuit Crust Bun 
  • 1 X Tuna Mayonnaise Bun
  • 1 X Vanilla Custard Bun