1st Challenge a <$5 Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Our SoFresh customers have been posting really awesome photos of their breakfast/brunch/lunch recipes and they all look soooo good. We thought, hang on, if our customers have been enjoying their meals and making their sandwiches look as good as cafes, how much could we save while enjoying a quality cafe meal using SoFresh's bread?

Challenge Accepted!!! SoFresh will be posting a series of blog posts comprising of recipes comparing them to cafe prices. Share your 2 cents with us if you disagree in any way!

We found this recipe to spice up your breakfasts at home. 

This sandwich could easily cost... $8-$12 at a cafe. We believe that we would be able to easily beat cafe prices. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Let's see how much this would cost using SoFresh's bagels.

 Ingredient Approx Price* Comments
1 Bagel from SoFresh $0.82 $4.90 per 6 pax of Oat Bagels
1 Egg $0.20 $2.05 for 10 Pasar Fresh Eggs
1 sliced cheese $0.52 $6.25  for 12 Kraft Singles Cheese 
2 pieces of Bacon $1.34 $5.35 for 220g (assuming serves 4)
1 Tablespoon of butter $0.12 $5.95 Spreadable Butter for 250g (assuming one serving is 5g)
Total Price  $3.00

*Approx price taken from supermarket prices in SGD

Ok... if we were to take the full prices of each item, it would definitely cost more than a breakfast brunch at a cafe. Yet $3 is undeniably a better deal when most of these ingredients are easily available in your pantry!

Recipe taken from: