2nd Challenge - Dates Warm Chocolate Crossaint with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

So, (guy) friends have been telling me how dates are alot more challenging now that they do not have help of cafes' to help create that "romantic ambience". PLUS alot more difficult to prepare food that would tantilise the senses.


We found a 5 ingredient recipe (arguably can be 4 - save more money ah)  that would make having a mid afternoon date super simple and yet yummy: https://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/warm-chocolate-croissants-with-ice-cream/

Normally, a dessert like this would cost $15-$18 for one in a cafe? For 2, let's say it would cost $30 - $36. Let me know if you think it is cheaper in the comments below.


 Ingredients Estimated Price* Comments
French Butter Croissants x 2 $12 Dessert Date Kit
Vanilla Ice Cream for 2  See Above Dessert Date Kit >> Made from Fresh Cream 
Chocolate Bar  $6.05 Hershey's Chocolate Fudge also can, but date night deserves a Lindt chocolate bar
Dusting of Icing  $0.17

This is a must to add some "seh"

$1.70 for 100g. 2 portions for 10g.

Handful of Strawberries $5.80

Optional (this one very expensive in Singapore)

$5.80 for 250g

Total for 2 pax (including strawberries) $24.02


Total for 2 pax (excluding strawberries) $18.22

*Prices obtained from online grocery store as estimates

All in all, we save about... 30% for 2 people? Of course, I can make this cheaper than the quotes above but dates deserve some investment especially in a time like this. :P